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Enhancing education through the manipulation of flow in a digital gaming environment

Posted by zac on Friday, October 12th, 2012

A very short research article I wrote in 2010 as part of my B.Tech IT degree. The article considers the possibility of using gaming environments as a medium of education by manipulating the learning process and introducing curriculum content into the gaming environment as well as creating practical obstacles within the environment allowing learners to put newly acquired knowledge to work.


Introductory paragraph

Digital gaming, particularly on the console and personal computing platforms, has emerged as a powerful economic, cultural and social force. In recent years educators and researchers have realised that gaming, in particular online gaming, satisfies the basic requirements of a successful learning environment. However, the use of technology alone would not motivate learners who were accustomed to living with technology. For this reason learning situations and methods, such as online gaming, had to be created in education to motivate and entice learners. Interactive digital media, digital games in particular, are able to create new and exciting age appropriate learning environments which correspond with learner habits, abilities and interests.

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