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Livezilla: Client shows a red bubble with a red exclamation mark as a status

Posted by zac on Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

I originally posted this on Stack Overflow but apparently no one could figure out what the post was about so it was closed and deleted. This is an issue which the support staff from Livezilla either had no interest in assisting with or had no idea so I decided the post it as it may help some other poor support guy or gal who was roped into supporting a 3rd part paid for application which is meant to come with support.

Issue: Livezilla shows a red bubble with a red exclamation mark as a status.

Reason: Livezilla is not able to hold a connection with the Livezilla server so it goes into offline mode. The cause of this can be on the server but most likely is because of the client side network or system config.

Server Solution: Make sure the client ip is not firewalled. Also insure that your PHP scripts are allocated 64Mb or higher in the php.ini.

Client Solution – Firewall: Check local antivirus / internet security / firewall etc. Mcafee seems to dislike Livezilla, I am sure there are others.

Client Solution – Network: Livezilla uses host names to connect to the Livezilla Server, if configured as such in the client, which means if you are using a badly configured DHCP or a dodgy DNS service you may experience this issue. Any network issue relating to connectivity drops or timeouts can cause this issue. In my case it was a DNS issue. If you have a local DNS server it might be a good idea to add a static entry for your Livezilla URL to ensure that the entire network never looses the info, if not there is always the hosts file.

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