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Plugin: WordPress Front-end Editor

Posted by zac on Saturday, October 20th, 2012

After trying out many CMS / Blogging engines I finally ended up with a draw, Concrete5 and WordPress. Although I am really fond of WordPress, Concrete5’s ability to edit content via the front end is just amazing and cuts user training by half as the whole front-end back-end concept no longer needs to be explained to the person managing the content.


While searching for new add-ons to install on my newly created WordPress Network I came across this little gem of a plugin. This rather interesting plugin brings one of the main features I like about Concrete5 to my favorite Blogging / CMS engine, namely WordPress. Front-end Editor gives WordPress content managers the ability to  make changes to your content directly from your site, it is no longer needed to load the admin back-end just to correct a typo’s or make minor changes.

Example of Front-End Editing


The latest version of the plugin integrates Aloha Editor, a rising star on the wysiwyg editor scene. Unlike other established editors like TinyMCE, it makes the content editable inline, rather than using an iframe, which means that all the theme styles are preserved.


For more information on this plugin or to download the plugin visit the official plugin page or the project’s github repository, as listed below.

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